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Wine Tumbler - Sparkle Blue
Melissa Kirby (Montreal, CA)
Great Buy

Love this product plan to buy more in the near future

Beatifull Color

Not Leaking Very Good Product! It comme with a metal straw

Wine Tumbler - Glitter Dark Gray
Evan Reimer (Calgary, CA)
Very Well Insulated!

Awesome for hot or cold drinks, I use it for my coffee in the morning, and cold beverages in the evening! I absolutely love the metallic color, and it comes with a very nice metal straw as well!

Wine Tumbler - Sparkle Champagne
Ali Fitzpatrick (Georgetown, CA)
Cute and convenient travel cup!

I love this cup! It keeps my wine cold and my coffee hot. The metal straw is super convenient and the spill proof lid works great. No need to worry about placing it on an uneven surface like grass or sand as even if it tips over, your drink will not spill!

Wine Tumbler - Wood Grain
Kabir Daswani (Georgetown, CA)
Great gift choice!

The bottom design is great. It’s like a portable anti slip coasterAlso super beautiful design, my friend loves it!


Cheers, it has a nice packaging and keep my cocktail cool for a few hours

Skinny Tumbler | 16 oz | Glitter Teal
Laurie S. (Carbondale, US)
It sparkles! And comes with a straw.

This is a nice inexpensive cup. I bought this for my daughter and she was thrilled to see it came with a metal straw. It is just right for her cup of “coffee” (hot coca) in the morning. Bonus, she loves the sparkle! Now let’s hope she does t fight over it with her sister :)

Wine Tumbler - Opal Marble
Tini (Ann Arbor, US)

I didn’t know I needed this in my life but now I can’t live without !! The straw truly makes it a game changer and I was not expecting it! I have used it to drink wine and tea out of and it kept the wine cold and tea hot. The marbled option is too cute. Perfect fall time purchase.

Wine Tumbler - Sparkle Champagne
Jaydeep Singh (Mitchell, CA)
Exceeded my expectations!

This is a very nice compact tumbler that keeps your hot drinks warm for hours and your cold drink cold for hours! Great for taking to work school or anywhere you’re going!

Very tight fitting lid, drink opening.

Beautiful gray is really an irridescent rainbowy color. Tight fitting lid and slider opening. In fact if using hot liquids open the slider a little while placing lid to keep from creating a vacuum. Lid lip helps keep you from spilling the drink down your front.

Skinny Tumbler | 16 oz | Glitter Teal
Nathan & Carey (Corvallis, US)
Great Travel Cup

Great travel cup!! Keeps my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold. It comes with a straw if you prefer using a straw. I absolutely love the teal color!!


Pretty blue glitter styled tumbler cup. Small but useful. Color is more pretty in person. Does come with logo on the side: easy to clean and keeps drinks hot for hours

Wine Tumbler - Sparkle Purple
amanda (Tampa, US)

Amazing. Metal straw an added bonus. Keep drinks very cold

Wine Tumbler - Rose Gold
RnB (Raleigh, US)
Great tumbler!

Love the tumbler. It’s so bright and cute. The fact that it’s small makes it so much more convenient to carry. I am so happy with this item!

Wine Tumbler丨 Cheers Set 2 Pack丨Marble + Teal
Alexandra Nelson (Pittsburgh, US)
Keeps coffee warm all day

I love these cups except the sliding lid broke on mine. It could have been a fluke other then that I love the color and keeps my coffee warm all day

Skinny Tumbler | 22 oz | White Marble
Cassie Myers (Ramsey, US)

Had this cup for a couple of days and I love it! It fits perfectly into any cup holder. It’s absolutely beautiful. Looks like real marble. White with a grayish marble color. Keeps my drink cold for 12+ hours. Comes with a lid, straw and straw cleaner.

Sparkling tumbler

The color of this mug is my absolute favorite. It’s very pretty in actually sparkles . It comes with a metal straw and a straw cleaner as well. Always great to have a travel mug even for cold drinks. This kept my drink cold for a good amount of time. Very happy with purchase.

Wine Tumbler - Glitter Dark Gray
Roxan (Vancouver, CA)
Great Value

Love the size and accessories it comes with.

Wine Tumbler - Opal Marble
Lei Cheng (Waco, US)
Cute cup

So cute. Light weight and good quality!

Adult sippy cup

These adult sippy cups make a great gift for your stumbling drunk friend because let's be honest, drunks and toddlers act pretty much the same and they both love a good sippy cup with juice fermented or not.

Skinny Tumbler | 22 oz | Glitter Teal
April Walker (Tampa, US)
Perfect insulator

This tumbler is so pretty and functional! I got the green color, and it’s so vibrant. The slim design allows for it to fit almost any cup holder, unlike my other cups. I like that you can fit a good amount of liquid in the tumbler also. I make my smoothies every morning, and the tumbler keeps it cold throughout the morning. It also comes with a steel straw and cleaning wand.

Skinny Tumbler | 16 oz | White Marble
LadieKrissi (Las Vegas, US)
Good tumbler

I just really like this marble colored tumbler. The option to drink with a straw or from the opening is a win win for me. Since I do not keep my drink all day I am not sure how many hours your drink will stay cold but my water sit for over an hour in a hot vehicle today and I didn't have any issue with my water being warm.

Wine Tumbler - Glitter Teal
Steph (New York, US)
Beautiful and effective

I LOVE the color of this cup! I'm not a huge wine drinker and this cup works perfect for a cocktail. It keeps it nice and cold and looking beautiful!

Super high quality.

Athide from the thily name etched on the cupth, I really like thethe wine tumblerth.
I've bought several of these wine tumblers from various sellers on amazon to try out and personalize and these two are the best quality so far. I mean it's not a YETI cup, but I didn't pay $24 for one cup...
Things that set this cup above it's peers:
The texture of the cups is nice to hold.
The bottom of the cups is rubber so the cup won't slide.
These also come with stainless straws and a brush to clean said straws.
The lids of these tumblers has a sliding latch to open and close as opposed to some of the cheaper ones I got which merely have a small hole in which to drink out of.

wonderful product

What a surprise this item was. I thought it would be just another run of the mill travel mug. It's well constructed, keeps drinks the right temperature. It's easy to clean and the seal is tight. On top of that it comes with a reusable straw and a cleaning brush to clean the straw. This is really a positive addition to my collection and will most likely be the one I use most.